How to print on Lexmark using a mobile phone

It should be considered one of the greatest gifts of technology that a task as involved as printing can also be done in a wireless way. This feature is particularly singular when it comes to Lexmark Printers. These printing peripherals are able to printout crisp and color managed quality prints without much expenses. Added to that, the wireless feature seems like an icing on cake. This icing has made it possible for the user to use mobile phones to tell the printing peripheral to perform certain print jobs.

To able to use this feature, you should have the following requisites:

  • A smart phone with an availability of a Wi-Fi module
  • An application called the LexPrint. This app is available on both the android’s Google Play and the Apple Store. There are other apps such as these including the Lexmark mobile Print, Lexmark Print Service Plug-in, and Mobile PrintShare etc. but the former is the most versatile.

Once you have access to these requisites, you will be able to take the printout web pages, recently captured photographs and many more. Just follow the steps given by the experts of Lexmark printer support Canada

  • Turn on your printing device
  • Make sure the device and the phone are connected using the same Wi-Fi network.
  • Turn on the LexPrint App.
  • Tap on the search printer button.
  • Let the app perform an area wide search for the printing peripheral
  • Once the search is complete, Lexmark’s details will be listed in the app.
  • Tap on the listed device
  • The indicators will show that the connection is being established.
  • The connection to the mobile will be indicated by the flashlights on the printer.
  • Now that the device is remotely connected, you can move onto performing the print jobs.

The above steps are extremely intuitive to follow. But, in the absence of a substantial internet connection, these steps are difficult to perform. If there is any other issue, you can contact the Lexmark Printer Support Canada +1-888-404-0505. Furthermore, in certain models, you will also need to install Lexmark Listener software in the mobile. Therefore, heed to them as well.

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